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Support programme “Innovative shipbuilding safeguards competitive jobs“

 · Strengthening and extending the world market position of the German shipbuilding for highly complex special vessels and offshore structures and safeguarding jobs

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Actions able to be supported

Shipbuilding innovations carried out by shipyards or their subsidiaries:

  • New type vessels or offshore structures: development, design and construction of prototypes
  • New components and systems of a vessel or an offshore structure: innovative ship components, which can be divided as separate components from the vessel or offshore structure
  • Development of new shipbuilding techniques: planning and development of the necessary plants and equipments as prerequisite for the application of innovative processes in the planning, design and development, production and logistics of shipbuilding
  • Application of new shipbuilding processes: application of an innovative technique in the supply, goods and product chain.
Rate of co-financing and conditions
  • Funding rate 15 % to 50 %, at maximum, of the eligible costs (depending on the size of company, efficiency of the applicant and type of shipbuilding innovations)
  • Subsidy amount: 7.5 million EUR, at maximum, for the application of innovative techniques or 15 million EUR, at maximum, for product innovations and the development of innovative techniques per project and company.

Costs are eligible which result from the planning, preparation and implementation of the specific project (development, production and manufacturing costs as well as costs for supplies of third parties).

Other important information

Innovations in accordance with the guideline: industrial application of innovative products or procedures, which means technically new or essentially improved products or procedures compared to the status of technology in shipbuilding industry in the EU, which imply the risk of a technical or industrial failure.

Title of the instrument
Förderprogramm “Innovativer Schiffbau sichert wettbewerbsfähige Arbeitsplätze“
Type of aid

Direct subsidy

Eligible beneficiaries
Shipbuilding, ship repair or ship conversion yards, which have their location and production facility in the Federal Republic of Germany, and carry out the contract of shipbuilding or parts of it, for which eligible shipbuilding innovations are applied, in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Time frame
11/03/2016 - 31/12/2017
Total budget
2016: 25,000,000 EUR
Legal basis
Guideline for the support programme “Innovative shipbuilding safeguards competitive jobs” from 11 March, 2016
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