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National environmental aid scheme – company-related traffic measures

 · Reduction of air pollution, climate-relevant pollutants, noise and waste

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

Actions to be supported are not strictly defined. The decisive factor is the result of the investment, i.e. the dimension of reduced pollution.

Rate of co-financing and conditions

Max. subsidy rate:
With EU co-financing up to 35%
Without EU co-financing up to 30%
Minimum investment costs depends on the funding area.

Other important information

Only actions for pollution reduction in Austrian territory is eligible.

Title of the instrument
National environmental aid scheme – company-related traffic measures
Type of aid

Direct grant

Eligible beneficiaries
Natural and legal persons
Legal basis
Umweltförderungsgesetz, BGBl. Nr. 185/1993 vom 16. März 1993 in der Fassung des Bundesgesetzblattes BGBl. I Nr. 40/2014, vom 13.Juni 2014; Allgemeine Gruppenfreistellungsverordnung Verordnung (EU, Nr. 651/2014 vom 17. Juni 2014), "De-minimis"-Verordnung (Nr. 1407/2013 vom 18. Dezember 2013), Umweltleitlinien 2014-2020 (Nr. 2014/C 200/01 vom 28.06.2014)
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