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Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (POIM)

 · Waterborne transport related specific objectives are: 1.3 Increasing the use of waterways and ports on the TEN-T core network; 2.4 Increasing the cargo volume passing through intermodal terminals and ports; 2.5 Increasing safety and security in all modes of transport and reducing the impact of transport on the environment

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Actions able to be supported

Specific objective 1.3 Increasing the use of waterways and ports on the TEN-T core network:

  1. Improving the navigation conditions on the Danube and the navigable canals, including the purchase of equipment & multi-functional vessels for providing the proper navigability conditions on the Danube (incl. increasing navigation depth; river banks protection works; locks modernisation; work suppervision and assistance)
  2. Modernisation and development of the port infrastructure in the Romanian maritime and inland ports located on the TEN-T core network in order to handle increased cargo volumes under competitive conditions (incl. development of access infrastructure – railways & roads in ports; modernisation of port infrastructure – berths, quay walls, pontoons / piers / landing stations; internal port basin; alternative fuel infrastructure; waste collection & cargo residual infrastructure; etc.)
  3. Support for the preparation of the project portfolio regarding period 2014-2020 and post 2020 (elaboration of application forms, supporting documentation such as feasibility studies, institutional analysis, EIA, etc.)

Specific objective 2.4 Increasing the cargo volume passing through intermodal terminals and ports – outside the TEN-T core network

  1. Modernisation / development of the port infrastructure (incl. access infrastructure – railways & roads located in ports; berths, docks, piers, freight terminals, intermodal connections, etc.) to provide optimal conditions for freight shipping, including the acquisition of port facilities and other equipment;
  2. Construction / modernisation of intermodal terminals and modernisation of intermodal transfer facilities and equipment for attracting goods from long-distance road and rail transport and reducing bottlenecks in multimodal terminals

Specific objective 2.5 Increasing the safety and security degree for all modes of transport and reducing the impact of transport on the environment

  1. Measures to improve transport safety and security for all modes of transport (not exclusively)
    • Implementation of horizontal and vertical signaling
    • Implementation of intelligent transport systems (e.g ERTMS, VTMIS, Ro-RIS) and interfaces between ITS of different transport modes, where they have not been implemented as part of infrastructure interventions, to increase safety at traffic control)
    • Expansion of mobile and fixed traffic monitoring and automated surveillance systems on all modes of transport
    • Purchase of equipment on tracks – waterway and other types of equipment with a role in ensuring transport safety and security regardless of the mode of transport
    • Other actions to increase safety on all modes of transport, including phased projects.
  2. Measures to protect the environment in all modes of transport (e.g. installation of noise protection panels, noise absorbent asphalt carpet, forest curtains, purchase of multi-purpose PSI vessels and assistance in decreasing pollution on waterways and maritime routes)
Rate of co-financing and conditions

The rates of co-financing will be defined in detail in guidelines to the individual support programmes.

Other important information

Total indicative budget:

  • SO1.3: 40 MEUR for inland waterways and ports; 164 MEUR for maritime ports.
  • SO2.4 & SO2.5: 67 MEUR for inland waterways and ports; 75.6 MEUR for multimodal transport
Title of the instrument
Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (POIM)
Type of aid

Non-repayable grant

Eligible beneficiaries
SO1.3: waterway and port (inland & maritime) administrations / partnership with other potential beneficiaries / Ministry of Transport. SO 2.4: Transport infrastructure administrations for all modes, local public authorities, intermodal terminal operators. SO 2.5: Infrastructure administrations for all modes (including partnerships with other public institutions) / local public authorities managing the infrastructure inside the localities & national roadway infrastructure that makes interurban connections / Road Police and Transport Police, either individually or in partnership or with the applicant for safety and security projects.
Time frame
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2023
Total budget
Total OP budget: 11,881,713,557.00 EUR. (Total EU contribution: 9,418,524,484.00 EUR)
Legal basis
Commission Implementing Decision of 09.07.2015 approving certain elements of the operational programme “Large Infrastructure” for support from the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund under the Investment for growth and jobs goal in Romania
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Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (POIM) website