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Call: PA 3 Supporting sustainable transport solutions (Ref.Nr. INTERREG V-A SK-AT/2016/03)

 · Improving joint planning, coordination and practical solutions for an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon and safer transport network and services in the programme area (Specific objective 3.1)

Contact points
Actions able to be supported
  • Actions to support the removal of specific bottlenecks in cross-border public transport infrastructure (mostly planning approaches but eventually pilot investments).
  • Developing joint strategies, concepts and action plans for sustainable multimodal mobility in cities, city-regions and rural areas
  • Development of cross-border intelligent transport systems
  • Improvement of regional mobility by building cycling routes
  • Promotion of mobility centres and multi-modal platforms in order to enhance the efficiency, reliability and quality of greener transport modes and services.
  • Training support for greener regional mobility
  • Further develop multimodal hubs and links to promote emission reducing and energy efficient freight transport. The cooperation programme could contribute to the development of an intermodal strategy for transport and mobility which is pursued under the EUSDR Priority Areas 1a and 1b (mainly by coordination and planning approaches which may be complemented by physical pilot investments) in order to tackle the dynamic growth of cross border freight traffic as outlined in the analysis.
  • Investment into corresponding infrastructure may include the purchase of vehicles/cars (in accordance with the respective legal and state aid provisions), small reconstructions and additional equipment for bus and train stations/stops, for improvement of standards of integrated transport system, building multimodal terminals (parking lots, signs, stops, stop information system), building new or investment into existing ports. It is not planned to finance hard infrastructure in a “fragmented” way. All hard investments must be part of a strategic approach to achieve a critical mass and visibility of actions. Only innovative pilot action contributing to CO2 reduction can be supported.
Rate of co-financing and conditions


  • State authorities and organisations founded by the state: max. 85% ERDF, 15% state budget, own contribution not required
  • Public organisations and institutions, NGOs/NPOs: max. 85% ERDF, 10% state budget, 5% own contribution
  • Private organisations: max. 85% ERDF, 5% state budget, 10% own contribution (For the ERDF funding quota: in the case of de minimis aid, co-financing may be lower)


  • Public organisations and institutions: max. 85% ERDF
  • Private organisations: max. 85% ERDF (in the case of de minimis aid, co-financing may be lower)

For the funding quota of possible national co-financing and own funds min. 15% shall be calculated; there is no binding preliminary determination of the financing shares.

Other important information

This is an open call, i. e. applications can be submitted as long as funding is available.

The submission deadline for the second project selection round, which will take place during the 4th meeting of the Monitoring Committee on 20 and 21 March 2018, is 15 November 2017.

  • Total project size (total costs): min. 100,000.00 EUR. The maximum amount of the funded project is not defined.
  • Project duration: 48 months
Title of the instrument
Interreg V-A: Slovakia - Austria
Type of aid

Non-repayable grant

Eligible beneficiaries
regional authorities and organisations set up and managed by regional authorities / state authorities and organisations set up and managed by state authorities / specialised agencies set up specifically for this purpose / universities and research institutions / other (with the exception of political parties)
Time frame
09/12/2016 - 31/12/2020
Total budget
The total ERDF allocation for priority 3 (PA3) - for this call for proposals amounts to €9,655,000 (the total amount of available funding is indicative).
Legal basis
Commission Implementing Decision C(2015)5357 approving certain elements of the cooperation programme "Interreg V-A Slovakia-Austria" from 28.7.2015 with its amendments.
Usefull links
Interreg V-A: Slovakia - Austria website