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Call: PA 2 – Enhancing cross-border mobility (Ref.Nr INTERREG V-A SK-HU/1601)

 · (i) Improving cross-border public transport services (Specific objective 2.2.1) (ii) Improving cross-border logistic services (Specific objective 2.2.2)

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

Indicative list of eligible actions under Specific objective 2.2.1 “Improving cross-border public transport services”

  • Development of cross-border intelligent transport systems (ITS), passenger information
    systems, on-line schedules, e-ticketing, mobile apps, common tariff systems
  • Development and integration of cross-border public transport services, establishing transport associations
  • Investments on infrastructure (e.g. vehicles – buses, ferries, boats -, bus and railway stations, ferry ports), Investments contributing to a better accessibility of urban functions
  • Development of demand-driven cross-border transport services
  • In case of activities related to road constructions passive noise reduction (noise barriers, protecting trees) solutions (activity shall not be supported separately)
  • Preparation of investments: elaboration of studies, analyses, concepts; elaboration of recommendations concerning legal-administrative bottlenecks hampering cross-border mobility e.g. allowance of cabotage, ease of international transport rules between the two states etc. (activity shall not be supported separately)

Indicative list of eligible actions under Specific objective 2.2.2 “Improving cross-border logistic services”

  • Realisation of cross-border cooperation initiatives in the field of logistics, development of integrated service systems, infrastructure and ICT applications
  • Investments on infrastructure (e.g. railway stations, ferry ports and roads linking new ports to the existing transport network)
  • Preparation of investments: elaboration of studies, analyses, concepts (activity shall not be supported separately)
Rate of co-financing and conditions


  • State administration organisations: 100% (85% ERDF, 15% national co-financing, 0% own contribution)
  • Other public administrations, higher territorial units, municipalities, NGOs, etc: 95% (85% ERDF, 10% national co-financing, 5% own contribution)
  • Private sector out of state aid schemes: 90% ( (85% ERDF, 5% national co-financing, 10% own contribution)


  • Central budgetary organisations: max. 100% (max. 85% ERDF, max. 15% national co-financing, min. 0% own contribution)
  • Other organisations: max. 95% (max. 85% ERDF, max. 10% national co-financing, min. 5% own contribution)
Other important information

Call is open continuously with deadlines of 3 November and 31 January in every year.

  • Selection procedure: One step application procedure
  • Total project size (SO 2.2.1): 100,000.00 – 1,000,000.00 EUR (In case of border crossing roads, bridges and ferries, the total eligible expenditure might be higher than the stated limit)
  • Total project size (SO 2.2.2): 200,000.00 – 2,000,000.00 EUR
  • Project duration: 24 months (In duly justified cases up to 36 months in case of border crossing roads, bridges or ferries)

The present Call (Ref. Nr SKHU/1601) does not include support for Small and medium sized enterprises.

Title of the instrument
Interreg V-A: Slovakia-Hungary
Type of aid

Non-repayable grant

Eligible beneficiaries
Indicative list of eligible Applicants: Public institutions: Private institutions serving public interests / State owned companies / European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) / Non-governmental organisations (NGO) / Development agencies / Municipalities, county/regional municipalities / Universities and research institutes for transport. Eligible Applicants have to be registered or have to have a branch office registered in the programme area. The present Call does not include support for Small and medium sized enterprises.
Time frame
29/07/2016 - 31/12/2020
Total budget
Allocated ERDF funds for (SO2.2.1) 10,980,000.00 EUR and for (SO2.2.2) 6,938,080.00 EUR
Legal basis
Commission Implementing Decision amending Implementing Decision C(2015) 6805 approving certain elements of the cooperation programme "Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary" for support from the European Regional Development Fund under the European territorial cooperation goal in Slovakia and Hungary
Usefull links
Interreg V-A: Slovakia-Hungary website