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State aid scheme for modernisation of inland waterway freight transport vessels

 · Reducing the environmental impacts of waterway transport by reducing emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants from internal combustion engines and auxiliary motors installed on vessels and by implementing other measures with direct environmental benefits. Increasing the involvement of waterway transport in the multimodal transport chain by making the vessels more competitive, operationally flexible and secure in the context of multimodal transport chain by modernizing them.

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Actions able to be supported

Sub-programme 1: Reduction of environmental impacts of waterway transport

  • replacing vessels’ engines: the acquisition of low-emission engines and auxiliary motors; directly related subsequent components (e.g. gearbox), & installation
  • converting vessels to a new fuel: converting vessels to a new fuel (LNG), incl. acquisition of associated technology (both mono- & dual-fuel)
  • remodelling stern of vessels: acquiring technology for adjusting the shape of a vessel’s stern, including its installation & adjustment of the vessel’s stern, incl. acquisition of materials
  • modernising propulsion equipment: acquiring propulsion equipment components (propeller, nozzle, shaft), incl. installation costs

Sub-programme 2: Modernisation of vessels to increase multi-modality of freight transport

  • purchasing lightweight stacking covers for the hold (cargo compartment), including installation in the vessel
  • raising hatchways, including the purchase of materials
  • horizontally extending hatchways, incl. the purchase of materials
  • purchasing transportation frames for passenger cars
  • broadening a vessel (push boats) or prolonging a vessel, incl. material

Sub-programme 3: Modernisation of vessels leading to increased safety of IWT

  • fitting vessels with bow steering equipment, incl. installation
  • purchasing and replacing outer plating, incl. replacement of affected vessel parts
  • adding radar equipment, incl. installation
  • replacing the coating of submerged parts (outer plating) or providing a new surface finish/protection for these parts
  • reconstructing the electrical wiring on board, incl. purchase of electrical wiring
Rate of co-financing and conditions

Sub-programme 1: 85% of the eligible costs
Sub-programme 2 & 3: 85% for small enterprises and 75% for medium-sized enterprises

Further conditions:

  • Reasonable costs of drawing up technical documentation approved by an entity duly authorised to carry out technical inspections of vessels, or by a classification society recognised under EU legislation, constitute eligible costs under all sub-programmes, together with those defined under actions to be supported.
  • Investment projects must not have started prior to the aid application by the beneficiary to the granting authority.
  • Aid will be granted under a competitive bidding process.
  • Applications will be submitted on the basis of calls.
Other important information

All modernisations on a vessel under the aid scheme must not exceed 30% of the price of a new reference vessel (80 millions CZK).

Title of the instrument
State aid scheme for modernisation of inland waterway freight transport vessels
Type of aid

Non-reimbursable direct grant

Eligible beneficiaries
All owners or operators of fleets of inland waterway vessels whose vessels are recorded in the Waterways Register of the Czech Republic, regardless of the nationality of the operator. Only small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are eligible under the scheme.
Total budget
420 mill. CZK (appr. 140 mill. CZK per sub-programme)
Legal basis
Czech Government Resolution N° 449 of 12 June 2013 approving the Transport policy for 2014-2020, looking ahead to 2050;Czech Government Resolution N° 558 of 9 July 2014 approving the draft Operational Programme Transport 2014-2020 (draft approved by the European Commission on 11 May 2015);Czech Government Resolution N° 37 of 11 January 2010 approving the Strategic Framework for the Sustainable Development of the Czech Republic;Regulation N° 560/2006 Coll. on the participation of the State budget in financing asset renewal programmes, as amended;Act N° 218/2000 Coll. on budgetary rules, as amended
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