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(Interreg V-A) Romania-Bulgaria Programme

 · The cooperation programme is structured across five priority axes: (1) A well-connected region; (2) A Green Region; (3) A Safe Region; (4) A region with qualified and inclusive people; (5) An efficient region.

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

The priority “A well-connected region” addresses:

  • SO1.1 – Improve the planning, development and coordination of cross-border transport systems for better connections to TEN-T transport networks: actions shall foster reduction of the gap between peripheral, badly accessible regions and well-connected urban centres, further development of multi-modal environment-friendly freight and passenger transport within the Danube area, improvement of the connectivity between Romania and Bulgaria: elaboration of feasibility studies, design projects, and environmental assessments on new bridges; road and railway connections; intermodal terminals, effective connection of secondary nodes to the core network TEN-T to reduce transportation time and optimizing logistics by development of strategies, improved traffic management including route guidance, incidents/emergencies detection and management, improvement of safety, security and environmental performance
  • SO1.2 – Increase transport safety on waterways and maritime transport routes: actions shall foster cross-border coordination to increase Danube navigation safety for freight and passenger traffic in the cross border area in order to transform the programming region in a strategic “Danube/Black Sea gateway” that will attract investments in various economic fields: e.g. supporting port infrastructure renovation and development and measures for the improvement of the Danube navigability that is impeded by sediments, shifting river bed, variation of the water level and debit, bank erosion, seasonal water-level variation.

The priority “A Green Region” focuses on conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage as well as protecting and restoring biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystem services, including through Natura 2000, and green infrastructure.

The priority “A Safe Region” promotes investment to address specific risks, ensuring disaster resilience and developing disaster management systems in the cross-border area and to improve cross-border capacity of actors involved in prevention and management of disaster risks.

The priority “A region with qualified and inclusive people” addresses measures to encourage the integration of the cross-border area in terms of employment and labour mobility.

The priority “An efficient region” addresses measures to increase cooperation capacity and the efficiency of public institutions in a CBC context.

Rate of co-financing and conditions

Details on the rate of co-financing are provided in the individual calls for proposal. For more information regarding the individual calls/measures, please consult the Managing or National Authorities.

Other important information

Projects will be selected through two-stage calls for proposals.

The “soft” (e.g. development and implementation of strategies, knowledge exchanges, tools and pilot applications for improved cross-border mobility and accessibility, etc) and “hard” (e.g. upgraded roads, extended road networks, investment into infrastructure, etc.) measures are eligible.

The selection of operation will be performed in a similar manner for all priority axes. A special attention will be given to ensure that supported investments of specific objectives will not overlap with any activities/outputs financed by other intervention instruments.

Title of the instrument
(Interreg V-A) Romania-Bulgaria Programme
Type of aid

Non-repayable grant

Eligible beneficiaries
(IWT relevant) SO1.2: local, regional and national public authorities (especially those with prerogatives in the field of transport infrastructure planning and development and those in charge of managing the navigability issues), transporters’ associations and organisations, Chambers of Commerce, NGOs, river administrators as well as universities and research institutes, EGTCs.
Time frame
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2023
Total budget
The total budget of the Programme is 258,504,126.00 EUR(out of which 215,745,513.00 EUR from ERDF).
Legal basis
Commission Implementing Decision C(2015) 886 of 12.2.2015 approving certain elements of the cooperation programme "Interreg V-A Romania - Bulgaria"
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(Interreg V-A) Romania-Bulgaria Programme website