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ERA-NET MarTERA – Maritime and Marine Technologies for a New ERA

 · Strengthening the European research area in the sector of maritime technologies and „blue growth”

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Actions able to be supported

Transnational research projects with regard to the following special focus of maritime economy:

  • environmentally friendly maritime technologies
  • development of new materials and structures
  • sensors, automation, monitoring and observation
  • advanced production techniques and manufacturing
  • protection and safety
Rate of co-financing and conditions
  • As a rule, at maximum, 50 % of the eligible project-related costs for companies of industrial economy, increases for smaller and medium-sized companies
  • At maximum, 100 % of  the eligible project-related costs for universities, research and scientific institutions and comparable institutions
Other important information
  • Succession of ERA-NET MARTEC
  • Support foundations are the national regulations of the participating countries, the implementation is carried out by means of transnational calls
  • call presumably at the end of 2016
  • Application deadline 1. call presumably in March 2017
Title of the instrument
ERA-NET MarTERA - Maritime and Marine Technologies for a New ERA
Type of aid

Direct subsidy

Eligible beneficiaries
As a rule, enterprises of industrial economy, universities, technical colleges and non-university research institutions
Total budget
Total budget 1. call: ca. 30 million EUR (20 million EUR national funds of the partner countries and 10 million EUR of the EU-Commission)
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