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Support programme „Sustainable modernisation of inland waterway vessels“

 · Reduction of contaminant, noise and greenhouse gas emissions of inland waterway vessels as well as improvement of their energy efficiency and safety

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Actions able to be supported
  • Acquisition of a motor lower in emission (compared to the conventional diesel engine)
  • Measures for pollutant reduction (in particular, the installation of catalysts, particle filters, fuel-water-emulsion technology and combined exhaust gas reduction systems)
  • Measures to improve the energy efficiency (particularly measures to reduce the fuel consumption, e.g. installation of diesel and electric gas motors)
  • Measures to reduce noise emissions (above all, construction measures, which lead to a reduction of air and structure-borne sound emissions)
Rate of co-financing and conditions
  • The eligible expenses are basically calculated as a flat rate: The basis of assessment are the additional expenditures for motors lower in emission (depending on the engine power) or the expenses for the acquisition / installation of a fuel-water emulsion facility (FWE- facility)
  • Funding rate: 30 % to 70 %, at maximum, of the eligible expenses (depending on the supported object, the size of company and the area of support)
Other important information

The safety and easiness of the shipping traffic shall not be affected by the intended measure.

Title of the instrument
Förderprogramm „Nachhaltige Modernisierung von Binnenschiffen“
Type of aid

Direct subsidy

Eligible beneficiaries
Companies located in Germany under private law as owner of an inland waterway vessel (cargo and passenger vessels), which is professionally used for the inland waterway transport particularly on federal waterways or public waters.
Time frame
21/07/2015 - 31/12/2018
Total budget
2016: 3000000 EUR
Legal basis
Guideline for grants for inland waterway transport enterprises for the sustainable modernisation of inland waterway vessels (support programme of sustainable modernisation of inland waterway vessels) from 21 July, 2015
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