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Inland waterway transport modal split funding

 · Development of inland navigation transport

Contact points
Actions able to be supported
  1. Logistic studies on modal split
  2. Pilot actions including inland waterway transport
  3. Construction and modernisation of transhipment equipement
Rate of co-financing and conditions

Part A : logistic studies

Target : this 1st part of the PARM aims at proving the opportunity & feasibility of a modal shift project.

Principle : provide potential clients (shippers or freight forwarders, terminal operators, …) with a subsidy to a feasibility study.

Notice : the feasibility study may be carried out either internally (internal costs subject to prior VNF approval)

grant rate : 50 % of investment cost (subject to VNF prior approval, grant limited to 25 000 €

Part B : provide financial support to IWT experiments

Target : this is to provide a shipper or any other potential client with a support to an IWT experiment.

Principle :

Such an experiment aims at checking “on the ground” the quality & competitiveness of inland waterway transport.

A potential client may wish to ensure that IW transport will not damage the goods, and will do the job on budget and on time. Such an experiment will however break his current logistics, and lead to unexpected additional costs.

This part of the PARM is to pay for a share of this overcost.

Notice : a client may start an experiment after or without carrying out a feasibility study (as specified in previous slide)

Grant rate : 25 % of operational additionnal costs, grant limited to 75 000 €

Part C : financial support to investments

target : provide existing or new IWT clients with a financial support to their investments in handling facilities (cranes, conveyor belts, gantry cranes, reachstackers, …)

Principle : VNF signs an agreement including a commitment from the investor to shift to IW a certain amount of cargo, every year. VNF pays a yearly grant depending on this additional cargo to IW. The total amount of VNF’s grant is calculated upon a total provisional amount shifted to IW over the agreement’s duration.

Grant rate : 1 € for 1000 additional tons-kilometers shifted to IW (grant limited to 30% of VNF approved investments, and to 500 000 € per investment)

Other important information

Any grant within the PARM is subject to VNF’s prior approval (written decision or agreement for part C).

VNF may disclose part A & B results (IW costs & performance)

IW potential clients interested in the PARM are kindly requested to contact with VNF headoffice or local branches (see following slide) to go through their project and receive information on VNF’s grant potential rate & conditions.

Title of the instrument
Plan d'aide au report modal vers le transport par voies navigables
Type of aid

Direct grant

Eligible beneficiaries
Natural or juridical persons of the European Union transporting goods on inland waterways in France.
Time frame
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2017
Total budget
14 Mio EUR (2.8 Mio EUR per year)
Legal basis
Article 3 du décret n o 60-1441 du 26 décembre 1960 portant statut de voies navigables de France modifié par l'article 2 du décret n o 2008- 1321 du 16 décembre 2008.