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Support of training and development in the German inland waterway transport

 · Winning qualified young generation trainees and qualification of personnel in the German inland waterway transport as a contribution to increase safety and easiness in the shipping transport

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

Three-year training as inland navigation and harbor operators as well as the further training to provide knowledge for crewmen on inland waterway vessels for the industrial freight or passenger transport, on bunker boats, bilge oil boats or ferries

  • which are necessary for the operation of an inland waterway vessel
  • about the business operation of an inland waterway transport company
  • in the application of electronic data processing
  • for the preparation of a special qualification, which shall be used in inland waterway transport
Rate of co-financing and conditions
  • Subsidy amount: as a rule 50% of the entire training or development costs or 60% for small and medium-sized enterprises and 70% for small enterprises
  • Subsidy amount: at maximum, 30,000 EUR for the duration of the entire three-year training time
Other important information
  • The training and development contract shall not have been concluded at the application or the training and development shall not have been begun
  • A training contract shall be concluded between the trainee and the grantee (prove by means of a confirmation of the competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
Title of the instrument
Förderung der Aus- und Weiterbildung in der deutschen Binnenschiffahrt
Type of aid

Direct subsidy

Eligible beneficiaries
Inland waterway transport enterprises located within the area of application of the basic law of the Federal Republic of Germany, which operate inland waterway transport, and training associations of the inland waterway transport, which build up training places within the framework of a training association with cooperation partners from the inland waterway transport and which are acknowledged.
Total budget
2016: 2534000 EUR
Legal basis
Guideline to promote the training and development in the German inland waterway transport from 29 April, 2015
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