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State Aid: Programme supporting the development of connecting railway and transfer terminals in intermodal transport 2018-2022 (SA. 48485)

 · Development of transhipment facilities for combined transport and private railway connections designed to support the modal shift of freight from road to rail and water

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Actions able to be supported

Aid is granted for investments for the construction and the extension of infrastructure for combinations of land-/water-bound modes of transport, in which cargo is handled either containerised or as piece/bulk freight. Furthermore, aid is granted for investments for the construction, extension and optimization of private infrastructure for connecting railways. The project must be located in Austria.. Transhipment systems (=installations which link at least two freight transport modes in an efficient manner).

Rail-based modes of transport

  • Civil engineering (25 % of eligible costs): Rerouting (overhead lines and underground cables); Energy supply/pipework and supply and disposal of water; Railway bridges
  • Earthworks (20 % of eligible costs): e.g. cutting/filling, soil replacement, ground stabilisation to create a protective layer
  • Rail link and track systems (50 % of eligible costs): Track construction, e.g. transhipment track, inbound/departure track, turnout track.
  • Road link and transhipment areas à (A) Transhipment area (30 % of eligible costs): carriageway, loading, setdown lanes, including stationary transhipment systems (e.g. portal crane) and mobile transhipment equipment; (B) Storage areas (25 % of eligible costs); (C) Traffic areas (15 % of eligible costs): carriageway lanes/lines of movement outside the transhipment area, including parking/holding space at the gate; (D) Access roads (15 % of eligible costs)
  • Building construction à (A) Entry/exit checkpoints (25 % of eligible costs): including equipment for access control (motor vehicles/persons); (B) Halls, offices, etc. (20 % of eligible costs); (C) Welfare rooms (10 % of eligible costs)
  • Transhipment equipment (30 % of eligible costs), including rail cranes and mobile transhipment equipment
  • Equipment (30 % of eligible costs): Overhead contact lines – Inbound/departure track with electrified routes; peak overvoltage in track module where direct exiting is planned and expedient; Signalling equipment and points heating at train/shunting routes; Energy supply – for crane systems and 50 Hz area; Lighting – only relates to lighting of transhipment areas and installations; Operational control system and systems to improve efficiency of transhipment equipment (IT equipment for workstations eligible for allowances as well as fibre-optic cables between gate and crane where in beneficial and legal ownership). Tank systems. For terminal-bound vehicles, when at least one vehicle eligible for aid is used; Storage tanks
  • Additional measures directly related to the modal shift (25 % of eligible costs): Noise control/antiglare measures; Measures based on other official stipulations (e.g. retention basin, leakage containers etc.)

Water-based modes of transport:

  • Quay systems (25 % of eligible costs): Sheet pile wall, steep or sloping embankment; Land access. Vertical or slope stairs; Mooring posts/pile moorings
  • Other measures (25 % of eligible costs): Waterway development. Where necessary for loading/unloading points up to a junction with a public waterway; Oil barriers
Rate of co-financing and conditions

See as well “Actions able to be supported” for details on co-financing rates.

Transhipment facilities projects:

The maximum amount of aid per project is EUR 2.5 million for creating and extending transhipment facilities. The maximum aid intensity is 50 % of the eligible investment costs. The scheme sets a de minimis limit of EUR 10 000 per project.

By signing the contract, the aid applicant undertakes to operate the systems and installations for at least the following period depending on the total aid intensity:

  • 50% – 11 years (minimum operating time)
  • 30% – 7 years
  • Max. 20% – 5 years
Title of the instrument
State Aid: Programme to support the development of connecting railway and transfer terminals in intermodal transport
Type of aid

Direct grant (as a lump-sum or in instalments which correspond to the specific needs of the project)

Eligible beneficiaries
Any private EU entity providing freight transport services and having at least one operational establishment registered in Austria. The measure is aimed at industrial and commercial companies transferring cargo. Railway undertakings may not benefit from the scheme.
Time frame
01/01/2018 - 31/12/2022
Total budget
The overall budget amounts to EUR 50 million, with an annual budget of EUR 10 million
Legal basis
The programme of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) for supporting the development of connecting railways and intermodal transfer terminals;European Commission Decision C(2017)6319 final from 15.9.2017 - State Aid SA. 48485 – Austria: Prolongation of a programme supporting the development of connecting railways and transfer terminals in intermodal transport 2018 – 2022
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Schieneninfrastruktur- Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH: State aid processing agency on behalf of BMVIT