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Research programme “Maritime technologies of the next generation“

 · Support of German companies for the development and utilisation of maritime products, improvement of competitiveness on the world market as well as safeguarding jobs

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Actions able to be supported

Research and development project in the following sectors:

  • Ship engineering: innovation for more safety and reliability, emissions and environmental protection (among others reduction of primary energy demand of the vessels), economic efficiency and compatibility of the products
  • Shipping industry: vessel safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency, inland navigation (among others development of special vessels)
  • Production of maritime systems: production technology to increase the competitiveness of maritime companies, organisations and networking of production processes, new materials and material combinations for improved product qualities, lifecycle management: innovative products and services
  • Maritime technology: intelligent systems for maritime technology, offshore technology, safety of maritime systems
Rate of co-financing and conditions
  • As a rule, at maximum, 50 % of the eligible, project-related costs for companies of the industrial economy, increased for small and medium-sized companies
  • At maximum, 100 % of the eligible, project-related costs for universities, research and scientific institutions and comparable institutions
Title of the instrument
Forschungsprogramm „Maritime Technologien der nächsten Generation“
Type of aid

Direct subsidy

Eligible beneficiaries
Companies of industrial economy (shipyards, suppliers, engineering offices, service providers) with their head office and predominant result utilisation in Germany as well as German universities, technical colleges and non-university research institutions (mainly industry-led cooperative projects)
Time frame
05/03/2011 - 31/12/2017
Total budget
2016: 32271000 EUR
Legal basis
Announcement of a change of programme and support guideline "Maritime technologies of the next generation" from 15 March, 2016;Programme and support guideline "Maritime technologies of the next generation” from 05 March, 2011
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