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klimaaktiv mobil

 · The purpose of this funding is to achieve environmental effects such as reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2-, NOx- emissions and dust) through transport and mobility measures or to foster active climate protection in the transport sector.

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

Fostering of investments in the mobility sector, which will have a positive effect on the environment (in particular CO2 reductions, reduction of air pollutants such as dust and NOx)

Eligible measures:

  • Vehicles with environmentally friendly propulsion (e.g. natural gas, biodiesel (> 50%), full hybrid vehicles, full hybrid vehicles with > 50% biofuel)
  • In-house fuel systems
  • Environmentally friendly transport management (conveyor belts, ropeways)
Rate of co-financing and conditions

Depending on the support scheme

Other important information
Possible support schemes (relevant for inland navigation):
  • Mobility management for leisure and tourism
  • Mobility management for enterprises
  • Environmental support scheme air purification
Title of the instrument
"klimaaktiv mobil"
Type of aid

Investment Grant (non-refundable)

Eligible beneficiaries
Depending on the support scheme, further information: ttps://
Time frame
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2020
Total budget
Legal basis
Nationale Grundlagen: Förderungsrichtlinie klimaaktiv mobil, Klima- und Energiefondsgesetz, Änderung des Klima- und Energiefondsgesetzes;;Europäischen Regelungen: "De-minimis"-Verordnung und Allgemeine Gruppenfreistellungsverordnung (AGVO)
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