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Freight Facilities Grant

 · Support transport by rail, inland waterways, coastal and short sea shipping

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Actions able to be supported

Most capital expenditure on facilities needed to handle or carry freight by water, in particular:

  1. Rail and waterway infrastructure (wharves, jetties, quays, sidings, signalling, earthworks)
  2. Unloading and loading equipment (lifting/discharging installations, hoppers, fork-lift trucks conveyors, cranes)
  3. Buildings and Storage (warehousing, silos, tanks, loading bays, storage yards, administrative buildings)
  4. Services (installation of power, lighting, water, drainage, fuel storage)
  5. Access roads, security fencing
  6. Environmental protection (dust and noise prevention equipment, screening)
  7. Rights of way
  8. Design and project management
Rate of co-financing and conditions

Max. 50%

Other important information

Funding criteria: transfer of traffic from road, value of environmental benefit. Guidelines vary slightly from region to region. Combination with other funding programmes is allowed.

Title of the instrument
Freight Facilities Grant
Type of aid

Direct grant

Eligible beneficiaries
EU companies operating in the UK: owners/consignors of goods, transport operators
Time frame
01/01/2001 - ...
Total budget
7,000,000 GBP p.a. (9,362,000 EUR)
Legal basis
Transport Act 2000, section 211;Transport Act 2000, Section 272 ;Transport (Scotland) Act 2001, section 71
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