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Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)

 · Stimulate investments in energy saving assets and renewable energy sources

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Actions able to be supported

Investments in energy efficient equipment; actions have to be listed on the so-called Energielijst (“Energy List”), which is updated on an annual basis; examples for IWT technologies:

  1. Energy-efficient engines for existing vessels
  2. Fuel consumption meter
  3. Automatic propulsion regulator
  4. Measures to reduce energy consumption (e.g. nozzles, reversing gears, thermal isolation of wheelhouse)
  5. Propeller shaft packing
  6. Lubricant oil system for diesel engines
Rate of co-financing and conditions

Deduction of 41,5% of energy reduction investments from the company’s fiscal profit

Title of the instrument
Energie-investeringsaftrek (EIA)
Type of aid

Fiscal incentive

Eligible beneficiaries
Entrepreneurs liable to income or corporate tax in the Netherlands
Time frame
01/01/2001 - ...
Total budget
For 2016: 161,000,000 EUR
Legal basis
Wijziging van de Uitvoeringsregeling energie-investeringsaftrek 2001, 15 december 2006/Nr. DB06/608M Directoraat-Generaal voor Fiscale Zaken, Directie directe belastingen
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