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CORRECTION subsidy scheme Air Quality South Holland

 · 1. Subsidies can be granted only for projects related to freight transport and logistics, improve air quality. 2. a promotion within the meaning of the first paragraph shall be granted in the form of project funding. 3. subsidies within the meaning of the first paragraph must lead to reduced emissions of air polluting emissions

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

Freight Transport and Logistics

  • Acceleration conversion inland ship on LNG (retrofit low-end solution)
  • Acceleration conversion inland ship on LNG (retrofit high-end solution)
  • Accelerating the acquisition of knowledge
  • Implementation of Container Terminal in the first instance for refrigerated containers with guaranteed charge packet
Rate of co-financing and conditions

The amount of funding shall not exceed the total sum of subsidy that is included in the package of freight transport and logistics air quality .

Title of the instrument
Eligible beneficiaries
Only legal entities
Time frame
31/03/2015 - ...
Total budget
€ 1.600.000,00
Legal basis
artikel 3 van de Algemene subsidieverordening Zuid-Holland 2013;