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Call: Innovation in Management and Services – Implementation of Modernised Traffic Management Infrastructure, Improvement of Transport Safety and Security (Ref.Nr. BG16M1OP001-4.001)

 · Development of a sustainable transport system, thus contributing to: effective connectivity of the transport network; removing sections with insufficient capacity; reducing congestion, noise and pollution; improving safety; promoting the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

IWT & intermodal transport related topics are addressed by the Priority axis 4 “Innovations in management and services – establishment of modern infrastructure for traffic management and transport safety improvement” under the Investment Priority 7(c) – Developing and improving environmentally-friendly including low-noise and low-carbon transport systems including inland waterways and maritime transport, ports, multimodal links and airport infrastructure, in order to promote sustainable regional and local mobility.

Examples of actions within the Specific Objective 1 “Improved transport management through introduction of innovative systems”:

  • development of navigation information systems, upgrading the existing systems and the systems under construction (for vessels traffic management including search and rescue systems will enhance the safety and security of navigation)
  • supply of multipurpose vessels (to collect information for the navigation conditions along the Danube River will provide the EA EMDR with the necessary data to adequate intervene in low water periods for providing the min draught, needed for the IWW navigation, to improve the navigation condition, and for increasing the river navigation safety)
  • modernisation and construction of port reception facilities for treatment of ship-generated waste and cargo residues in Bulgarian ports of national importance on the Danube and Black Sea for improvement of environmental management.

Expected results: Improved navigation conditions in the Danube waterway; Improved access to Bulgarian ports of “core” and “comprehensive” Trans-European transport network; Improved environmental management in the area of water transport and civil aviation


Rate of co-financing and conditions

85% from ERDF (15% from state budget and/or own contribution)

Other important information

Project proposal shall be submitted electronically through EUMIS 2020:

Title of the instrument
Operational Programme on Transport and Transport Infrastructure (OPTTI)
Type of aid

Non-repayable grant

Eligible beneficiaries
In the case of waterborne transport projects, the pre-defined potential beneficiaries are: Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River (APPD) / State Enterprise "Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company"/ Executive Agency for "Maritime Administration"
Time frame
01/09/2015 - 31/12/2020
Total budget
EU-cofunding budget of priority axis 4 which is 85%: 57.9 MEUR (airports: 5MEUR; seaports: 6.6 MEUR; IWT and inland ports: 6.6 MEUR; ITS: 39.7 MEUR). Total budget: 68.17 EUR
Legal basis
Commission Implementing Decision C(2014)10232 of 19.12.2014 approving certain elements of the Operational Program "Transport and Transport Infrastructure" in Bulgaria and its amendments;OPTI Guidelines with amendments
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Operational Programme on Transport and Transport Infrastructure (OPTTI) website
eumis2020 - Portal with Open procedures and calls and e-application in Bulgaria