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aws ERP Programme Transport

 · Loans for modal shift measures to rail or to inland waterway transport.

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

Eligible Costs:

  • investments in infrastructure, transhipment and special equipment for combined and intermodal transport
  • Investments for transport or transhipment of bulk cargo (such as bulk materials, wood, pallets, break bulk)
  • Purchase of special containers for inland waterway transport
  • Purchase of special vehicles for intermodal transport
  • Investments in new technologies (dangerous goods tracking system, transport telematics, logistics systems, transhipment and loading technology, etc.)
  • transhipment facilities (e.g., cranes, conveyor belts, loading docks, loading hoppers, etc.)
  • In-house transport equipment
Rate of co-financing and conditions

EUR 350,000.00 to EUR 4,000,000

Other important information

Runtime credit: 6 to 10 years, the first 2 years are free of redemption, interest rates depend on runtime-model

Title of the instrument
aws ERP Programme Transport
Type of aid

soft loan

Eligible beneficiaries
Transport operators with their place of business in Austria
Legal basis
Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1407/2013 der Kommission vom 18. Dezember 2013 über die Anwendung der Artikel 107 und 108 des Vertrags über die Arbeitsweise der Europäischen Union auf „De-minimis“-Beihilfen, ABl. L 352 vom 24.12.2013 (kurz: „De-minimis“-Verordnung)
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