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Aid for the transport of domestic waste by inland waterways in the Flemish Region

 · Promotion of the transport of domestic waste on Flemish inland waterways

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Actions able to be supported

Additional operational costs compared to domestic waste disposal by road in form of low-charge use of newly built transhipment facilities.

Rate of co-financing and conditions

Operational costs for domestic waste disposal include costs of containers, transhipment of containers (full and empty) and transport costs by waterway and road (feeder services). The reduced rates for the use of transhipment facilities are laid down in a contract.

Other important information

In case of a combination with national or Community subsidies the maximum aid levels will be respected. Municipalities are allowed to use the transhipment facilities for other goods than domestic waste, in which case they have to pay normal market rates.

Title of the instrument
Steun voor het vervoer van huishoudelijk afval over de binnenwateren in het Vlaamse Gewest
Type of aid


Eligible beneficiaries
Municipalities/associations of municipalities in charge of domestic waste disposal
Time frame
01/01/2004 - ...
Total budget
7,432,000 EUR
Legal basis
De overeenkomst van 10 juni 1999 tussen het Vlaamse Gewest en de N.V. Zeekanaal en Watergebonden Grondbeheer
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