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Aid scheme for green inland waterway vessels

 · Eco-friendly modernisation of the fleet

Contact points
Actions able to be supported
  1. Investments in the improvement of environmental performance (e.g. sloptanks, exhaust aftertreatment, telematics)
  2. Energy-saving meassures (e.g. optimised propulsion system, modification of the hull)
  3. Early adaption to EU-norms (1-3 years before coming into force) e.g. dubble hull
Rate of co-financing and conditions

Rate of co-financing and conditions

  1. Max. 30%, for SME max. 40%
  2. Small enterprises: 20%, Middlesized enterprises: 15%, Big enterprises: 10
Other important information
Last Call expired on 3 March 2017!
The funding program expires on 31.05.2017!
Call 2017:
Deadline for submission: 3 March 2017
Advisory Board meeting: 6 April 2017
Title of the instrument
Förderprogramm umweltfreundliches Binnenschiff
Type of aid

Direct grant

Eligible beneficiaries
Inland navigation vessel operators in the EU, operating regular commercial inland navigation on the Austrian Danube and having a agency branch in Austria.
Time frame
01/07/2014 - 31/05/2017
Total budget
2 Mio. EUR
Legal basis
Schifffahrtsgesetz BGBl. I Nr. 62/1997 zuletzt geändert durch BGBl. I Nr. 17/2009; Aufgaben und Organisation der Bundes-Wasserstraßenverwaltung — Wasserstraßengesetz, BGBl. I Nr. 177/2004; Allgemeine Rahmenrichtlinien für die Gewährung von Förderungen aus Bundesmitteln (ARR 2004), BGBl. II Nr. 51/2004.
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