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Aid programme for inland waterway transport based on the “de minimis” rule

 · Improve the attractiveness of inland waterway transport in general

Contact points
Actions able to be supported

Supported actions vary per tendered call:

  1. Innovative devices or equipment and their installation on IWT vessels such as RIS-based or environmentally friendly equipment
  2. Scholarships for apprentices to be employed on inland vessels
  3. Promotion of the sector
Other important information

Rate of co-financing varies per tendered call:

  1. Max. 30% of costs for purchase and installation
  2. Max. 50% of gross wages for apprentices during on-board practice
  3. Max. 100% of actual costs for public promotion of IWT

Max. 200,000 EUR for 3 years per beneficiary (de minimis) depending on the availability of funds from the state budget

Vessels that are the subject of subsidies contained in a) must remain in the ownership of the beneficiary for at least 5 years and be registered in Croatia. Aid is granted on an annual basis depending on the availability of funds from the state budget. Projects are tendered according to calls published on the website of the Ministry of Transport.

Title of the instrument
Program poticanja riječnog prometa kroz državnu potporu male vrijednosti
Type of aid

Direct grant

Eligible beneficiaries
Companies which core business is related to IWT
Time frame
01/01/2007 - ...
Total budget
Varies per call
Legal basis
Inland navigation development strategy policy for Croatia (2008-2018)
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