Watertruck is an innovative concept for goods transport on small waterways (CEMT I-IV) that can unlock the economic potential of a region through the use of small, self-propelled or unpropelled, standardised barges.

Combined with large or small environmentally friendly barges, used for convoy transport, the concept ensures maximum flexibility of operations while maintaining maximum regional coverage by connecting small inland waterways with the TEN-T network.

The Watertruck concept provides a universal standard design for various types of small inland barges that can be modified to satisfy the operational requirements of a specific goods flow (cargo flow) Propulsion, hatches, lifting (pumping) systems, a small crane, etc. can be added or removed without having a major impact on the overall hull structure.

The standard barges are designed to ship various types of goods and to have an increased carrying capacity (both in terms of weight as well as volume).

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