NESTRA is the acronym for “Netherlands Expert Group for Sustainable TRAnsport and Logistics”. NESTRA provides high-level consultancy and applied research services in the field of sustainable transport and logistics for both public and private clients. The experts within NESTRA have an extensive experience in the following activities:

– Development and evaluation of feasibility studies, policies and regulations for the transport and logistics sector. Within the area of transport and logistics, main areas of expertise of NESTRA are transport by inland waterways and multimodal transport
– Dissemination, training, capacity development and technical assistance on the strengthening and enhanced professionalism on transport and logistics within and abroad Europe
– Project management and coordination of international consortia working on assignments such as consultancy, research and development and training and matchmaking projects.

As regards Innovations in Inland Waterway Transport, STC-NESTRA was/is involved in major projects on topics such as greening the fleet, roll-out of LNG as alternative fuels, new logistic concepts and vessel concepts. Some relevant reference projects and activities to be mentioned are PLATINA2, LNG Masterplan, PROMINENT, COBALD, National LNG Platform as well as various studies for logistic companies active in IWT.