Ship Design Group

Ship Design Group (SDG) is a design and engineering company founded in 1994 by unifying a group of Romanian companies and specialists in shipbuilding.

SDG is offering a complete set of design and consultancy services, starting with the earlier design stages up to workshop information. The full computerization of design process, powerful shipbuilding software, including self-developing software capabilities and good experience of its staff, maintain a high quality level of the design services. The company is able to supervise also the ship during construction and offer turnkey project solutions. The core of activity is represented by the offshore support vessels, tugs, research vessels and ships for inland navigation.

Research represents an important domain of activity for the company. This is giving the necessary input for design on a high technological level of environmental friendly ships.

In the last years SDG was involved in the following EU projects:

Innovative Danube Vessel, Danube Region Strategy, Mobility Waterways (2013-2014)

MOVE-IT: Modernization of Vessels for Inland waterway freight Transport.

ADAM4EVE: Adaptive and smart materials and structures for more efficient vessels.

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