One of our Association’s objectives laid down in our Organization Constitution is to support Hungary’s international relations and integration into the EU. We have participated in EU projects since 2002, jointly working with our international partners on the effective completion of project activities. Through these programs we have learned the methodology of and gained practical experience in international project management and project communication, which we effectively use in our daily work both as a project coordinator and a participant.

Our prime topics in the project activities are related to navigation on the Danube and disaster recovery, though we have already elaborated and implemented specifically law enforcement or logistics related projects as well with our strategic partners.

During the execution of EU projects in cooperation with international partners, in addition to complex project management ― which comprises the full elaboration and completion of the project, ranging from the creation of the core objective to the final evaluation ― and besides project communication, our Association also develops professional studies, and performs technical coordination, development and operation related tasks as well.

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