Hungarian Federation of Inland Waterway Freight Forwarders (MBFSZ)

The Hungarian Federation of Inland Waterway Freight Forwarders (MBFSZ) was founded in 1993 by five legal and six private individuals. The association´s main mission and objective is to represent the Hungarian inland waterway shippers´ interests, in all areas connected to the national and international shipping, such as the preparation, creation and application of legislation affecting them in the following areas:

– Change of the law in inland waterway shipping,
– Permission procedures,
– Changing requirements for the registration of vessels,
– Change of the shipping regulation,
– Establishment of ports, changing legal and economic conditions for the operation of ports,
– Working in the creation or modification of the Hungarian inland carriers, especially in the area of international agreements and legislation.

Other related activities:
ERSTU –, Mr. Attila Bencsik is a founding member and Vice President of ERSTU and the president of the Donau Region. The European River-Sea-Transport Union Berlin is representing the interests of the inland- and river-sea shipping industry at the institutions of the European Union and European and international shipping organisations, at associations of trade, commerce and traffic as well as at national authorities of the member countries.
– Education at Hungarian universities: regular presentations at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and at the Hungarian Shipping Academy.

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