At MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) we realize inspiring, cost effective solutions for smarter, safer, cleaner and more efficient inland shipping. We are your innovation partner for smarter, safer, cleaner and more efficient (inland) shipping. Independent, trusted and reliable. We served the development of vessels like the Damen Ecoliner. The Greenstream vessels and the Semper Fi. Inspiring vessels that innovate. With a benefit for both business and the environment.

With our services, we maintain worldwide leadership position in hydrodynamic and nautical research & development. Our accumulated expertise serves leading-edge Concept Development, Design Support, Operations Support and Tool Development. It is our commitment to high-quality technological innovation that enables you to meet the challenges facing your industry today.

More than anywhere else, IWT performance is based on a complex and ever changing interaction between design, operation, voyage and river conditions. Your winning investment is an investment that integrates all aspects in one optimized design. Future proofed in terms of logistic, economic and environmental terms. Our state of the art services and facilities range from (continuous) vessel performance measurements to state of the art testing basins and hyper modern facilities for advanced computational optimization and full mission bridge simulation. Our added value is supported by over 80 years of continued research and validation.
We are happy to invite you for an exploratory meeting to see how we can contribute to your business.

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