Scientific and technical expertise in support of the definition, implementation and evaluation of public policies on both national and local levels.

Cerema is an interdisciplinary scientific and technical resources centre, placed under supervision of the ministries in charge of sustainable development, town planning and transportation.
In addition, representatives of local authorities sit on Cerema’s board of directors. Thanks to its strong regional footing, Cerema is able to connect the needs and policies of central government, government’s decentralised offices, local authorities and of all those who contribute to implementing public policies.

Nine fields of operation:
– Planning, development and equality of regions
– Towns and urban strategies
– Energy transition and climate change
– Management og natural resources and the environment
– Risk prevention
– Well-being and reducing pollutions
– Mobility and transportation
– Management, optimization, modernization and design of infrastructures
– Housing and buildings

Our activities:
– Innovation and Research
– Methodology and assistance to contracting authorities
– Knowledge and know-how capitalisation
– Knowledge dissemination
– Technical studies and territories observation
– Standardisation and certification
– Engineering